Helispe, une nouvelle façon de voir et d'agir
Helispe, une nouvelle façon de voir et d'agir

HE 220E

Description :


       The helicopter drone is no longer reserved for military or high budget applications. Throughout the design, we have focused on simplicity and ease of use, in order to offer our customers an alternative to multirotors while offering a superior capacity. Thanks to our efforts we can now offer this model at a launch price starting from:


* 18,370 € Ex. VAT *

        This model with a rotor diameter of 2.22m can carry a payload up to 12 kilos and its flight time reaches 1 hour in hover and more in transition flight.

      In addition, following the user feedback we have devised a system allowing disassembly and reassembly in a few minutes without tools to facilitate transport.

      Like all our other UAV this one is equipped with an embedded intelligence allowing it to carry out it missions in complete autonomy or assisted piloting.


Available Options :

  • Safe transport box
  • Retractable train
  • Antenna tracker system
  • Ground Control Station
  • Addiditional battery pack
  • Battery chargers
  • Etc ...

  HELIPSE the best choice before doing one !

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