Helispe, une nouvelle façon de voir et d'agir
Helispe, une nouvelle façon de voir et d'agir

Ground Control Station


    To improve user-friendliness of our UAVs, we developed a compact and ergonomics ground control station (GCS), consisting of all  required tools to make your missions in complete autonomous. provided for an intensive use in the field, our GCS is integrated in a hardened crate recognized for his solidity, his reliability and his longevity.

      With more than 3 hours of autonomy, it's possible to do several flight without any external electric alimentation, it's an essential tool of any regular user.

  • Ground Control Station Computer semi rugged laptop with docking station and software license.
  • Long range telemetry system.
  • Control system for payloads by joystick.
  • HD and A/V video receivers with a 12" écran.
  • HD Video recorder system.(in option)
  • Bidirectional full duplex communication system between operator and pilot. (range 800m)
Commercial documentation GCS:
Document Adobe Acrobat [396.9 KB]


  • Autonomy GCS: 3hr. (6hr in option)
  • Autonomy laptop: 8 hr
  • Battery charger: integrated 110/220 V
  • Weight: 20 Kg.
  • Size: 1066 X 343 X 133 mm.

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