Helispe, une nouvelle façon de voir et d'agir
Helispe, une nouvelle façon de voir et d'agir

Border surveillance drones

An Helipse speciality

Border surveillance drones documentation
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    The control of land and maritime borders has become a key issue, that all state have to consider with attention, for security reasons as well as the economic and the sanitary aspects. The challenge consists to control frontier areas outside border choke point, which are open doors for terrorists and traffickers. It's necessary to modernise control and surveillance methods to eradicate the actions of such groupuscules. However, elaborate surveillance systems are affordable only by great countries because they are too expensive. Nevertheless, it's generally modest countries which face to greatest threats and have to ensure their security by watching their sensitive areas.


    This is taking into account those considerations that Helipse has developed specific UAVs for boundaries surveillance, the "Helidrones". Low cost and competitive, they respond to all requirements and needs of emergent countries.


    Two models of "helidrone" have been developed: The HE190ES and the HE300S.

HE190ES: light and furtive UAV.


HE300S: a long distance patrol UAV.



    The model HE190ES is a light electric drone for short patrol, about 20Km, especially developed for boundaries surveillance applications and respond to needs of emerging African countries. It's able to fly in hostile environment with 3.2Kg payload for 1 hour. The use of electric motor makes it ultra-silent and allows it to be used in situations where the furtivity is required. Ideally equipped with high performance surveillance system, it can perform his observations missions on the day and night. With a cruise speed of 90Km/h, it can quickly cover larges areas and it will increase the efficiency of your surveillance system.

    The HE300S is a heavy drone for long distance patrols. Equipped with an engine chosen for his fiability and his robustness, it can be used intensively in all kind of land. It can be loaded up to 20 Kg payload for a period of 2 hours with a cruise speed of 90Km/h. Consequently it can be used like a dissuasion means, regularly crossing very large areas. Moreover, his carrying capacity allows it to avoid weight constraints, and to be equipped with ultra-performant surveillance systems and to detect illegal activities at long distance.

HE190ES in observation mission.


HE300S in night patrol.



  HELIPSE the best choice before doing one !

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