Helispe, une nouvelle façon de voir et d'agir
Helispe, une nouvelle façon de voir et d'agir


    All our aircraft are equipped with an autopilot respecting all european norms. Two use principle are available: the assisted flight mode and the full autonomous flight mode. The assisted mode allows the pilot to control the UAV and to guide it where he want, the autopilot stabilizes completely the altitude and the position of the UAV. In full autonomous mode, the UAV is able to autonomously make pre-programmed missions including: tracking of GPS waypoints, automatic takeoff and landing.

    We supply the Ground control software used like interface between the UAV and operator. The telemetry system send all sensor data to the GCS, that allows real time monitoring the proceeding of the mission and inform the pilot of the well functioning of the system. The GCS software is equipped with a tool to create missions and simulate it to check their integrity.

    Our system include all tools and accessories required by UAV professional user:

  • Control system for payloads.
  • "Click and go" function allowing to steer the UAV on a precise point.
  • Return to launch.
  • Waypoints number illimited.
  • Embedded log records.
  • Analysis software for log file.
  • Etc...

  HELIPSE the best choice before doing one !

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