Helispe, une nouvelle façon de voir et d'agir
Helispe, une nouvelle façon de voir et d'agir

Our products

      An UAV is an auto-piloted aircraft, able to transport many kind of payloads. This allow them to autonomously perform specific missions. This type of aerial vehicles isn't anymore specifically used by military, indeed, their development offers a new chapter in aeronautic history. Now the UAVs are considerably used in civil applications and are conquering many market. Their strength are that they can perform tasks that conventional systems can't do for security or economical issues.

     To respond to this new market, we have developed an assortment of 4 UAVs: two electric models and two thermicals models. All are designed to make long mission in autonomous way and are equipped with necessary security systems to intensive use.


   HE 220E




   HE 190E

Polyvalent, agile and efficient.



    HE 300

Relentless, powerful and reliable.



   HE 190N

Proven, competitive and smart.



Ground Control Station

  HELIPSE the best choice before doing one !

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