Helispe, une nouvelle façon de voir et d'agir
Helispe, une nouvelle façon de voir et d'agir

Helipse company

   Since 2001, Helipse designs and manufactures drones helicopter UAV VTOL. Thanks to their reliability and their robustness, our UAVs provide efficiency and innovative solutions to many issues. According to the model, they can raise up to 20 Kg payload during a maximum time of 2 hours. Take advantage of our skill and versatility, and you should find in our product range, the UAV matching with your requirements. You will have all informations about our team and our prestations on this page.

Experience and innovation:

We know how to combine technologies from many industrial field (aeronautic, medical, modelism...), that allow us to find original and reliable technical solutions with the lowest price. Many clients are seduced by our audacious team and our technical prowess. Submit us your issues and we will find an adapted solution. Here is many reasons to entrust us with your project:

  • A great experience due to many succeeded projects.
  • A team constituted by experts arising from many sector.
  • Skills for each phases of your project.
  • A great management of workflow and short delays.


Engineering and design department:

1. Technical study:

Creation, with your collaboration, of the functional specifications:

  • Feasibility study.
  • Assembly design.
  • Validation by finite element calculations.
  • Plan production.
  • Creation of required equipments.
  • Technical datasheet.


2. Project management:

We plan, insure the coordination and control of all phases of your project, on both financial and technical aspects:

  • Development and organisation of the project's structure.
  • coordination of service providers.
  • Control and monitoring of the case until the project completion.


3. production and prototyping:

We have in our workshops a complete machining centre, that allows us to confirm our solutions by the conception of a prototype and to build our products in short time.


  HELIPSE the best choice before doing one !

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